Apology by German doctors and genocide today.

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German doctors apologise – looking at what happened then (and a belated apology) and what is happening now with Down Syndrome genocide and new more accurate tests for its detection. See


It hasn’t (yet) stirred as much flak as I expected.

The issue exposes our double standards and attitudes towards those with disability and if we are going to euthanase those in the safe-house womb then what are we going to do with the newly born and those who are older?

As Christians we must be clear in our thinking with respect to euthanasia and abortion (including “post-birth abortion”) otherwise we have no chance of stopping our society’s continued slide.

Do pastors have an obligation to educate and challenge with respect to these issues? You bet they do. In my view it is irresponsible not to – a failure of the watchman role that is every pastor’s role in this present moral climate.

Do we as Christians have a responsibility in our voting this Saturday in WA? You bet we do. We need to look clearly at which parties are promoting law reform particularly with respect to euthanasia.

Please pass this on – including to your pastors.

Lachlan Dunjey.

PS Vote Australian Christians [1]  and remember your vote goes on at full value if we don’t get elected

PS2 feel free to get mad at me – at least then we will have a debate.

PS3 have just read Joel. Scary. But we know what we must do.

First they came for the kids with Down syndrome, and I said nothing because my kid didn’t have Down syndrome. Then they came for the kids with haemophilia, and I said nothing because my kid didn’t have haemophilia. Then they came for the kids with osteogenesis imperfecta … Philip Burcham. See http://www.abc.net.au/religion/articles/2013/03/04/3703049.htm

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