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Today is the day my Uncle Ernest (Dalziell), aged 19, died 100 yrs ago on the first day of the Australian advance on Bullecourt. For the record his brother Walter died 8 months earlier, age 20 – also in France – and a third brother, uncle George, all my mother’s older brothers, survived.

From “… the Australians, having held the enemy trenches for several hours, were driven back to their starting line with the loss of over 3000 men.” Date? 100 years ago today 11 April, 1917.

Yes, just another story in the midst of unspeakable tragedy.

Why even think of it?

Because we justly honour those who have given life for our country. Lest we forget. At the going down of the sun and in the morning we will remember them.

And we will continue to do this when we honour them together, 14 days from now, on Anzac Day.

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