A Compelling Evil. Part One – a Reflection.

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It is one thing to pass a law that permits evil but it is something more to pass a law that compels evil.  We have not been here before in a civilised society.

Since the uploading several months ago of the video of the Conscience Laws and Healthcare Conference held in Melbourne in July last year http://www.vimeo.com/7809169 there have only been 90 hits – which probably include 10 of mine for various reasons.

I have sent this link in two emails on separate occasions to around 1000 contacts on my ethics lists (also in recent post of 9/2).

Obviously, not even many of my friends (and yes, I do have them) have made a hit on the video.  OK, they know how I think so maybe they didn’t need to and they had already read my paper, but if they had looked at it then they would have seen that it sent a very powerful and confrontational message and then would have forwarded the link to their own contacts.  I would have expected a few thousand hits.  Even if you log in for only a few seconds, it still counts as a hit.

OK, maybe the hits counter is not working…

But if it is working, how do I/we interpret this?

I well recall talking at Baptist Union Assembly a few years ago to several hundred regarding the crisis facing us (“who will march with me into the city if…”) and suggesting that those not already on my ethics lists could write to me.  Response?  One – and I’m not sure that that response came from an attendee.


  • People are fed up with messages from me – “oh, it’s Lachlan on his hobby-horse again – if we humour him he’ll go away”.
  • People don’t even understand – or do not agree – that there might even possibly be something important in the talk.  But how will they understand if they do not even look?
  • Too busy coupled with battle fatigue – yep, a valid reason.

As I have said many times:

The challenge then is to waken God’s people and slowly overcome an inability to comprehend.  I hear their acquiescence but I see in their eyes that they have not understood the inevitable consequences of the anti-family, anti-Christian, culture-of-death agendas that have found their way into political party policy and the reality of shifting boundaries.  I am reminded of the protective denial of some of the German people when told what was happening in the concentration camps “no, no – that is not possible, we would never do that”.

I have lamented before:

We came with quiet voice and reasoning but we were not heard.

We danced for you and you said we were crazy.

We did crazy things (like running for election) and you didn’t want a part of it.

I have become more and more confrontational over the years because the quiet message has not worked.  People need to know what a partial birth abortion entails but when I ask people who are on-side they still do not know. If I cannot educate my supporters how can we possibly educate MPs who won’t even start to listen?

What do I have to do?  Maybe march into the city with my “SHAME” sign after all…

Will you watch the video http://www.vimeo.com/7809169?  Will you send it on?

Lachlan Dunjey 22 February 2010.

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