…and the worm went down

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…and the worm went down (a reflection)

(a reference to the live polling of opinion from the studio audience during the Gillard/Abbott debate when the worm-line went down whenever Tony Abbott was perceived as being critical of policy)

Does that mean we can never tell the truth??

Does it mean we can’t point to the record about what people have done and have failed to do?

Can telling the truth about a party’s policy – taken straight from their own publications – be construed as being negative? Some people simply do not want to hear the truth and so just make the accusation of being negative.

How would a debate between an evangelical Christian leader and a Buddhist priest fare? The worm would certainly go down.

Jesus was not reticent about condemnation or action when this was appropriate. Look at what He said about Chorazin and Bethsaida (Mt 11:21) and the teachers of the law (Mt 23:13) and overturning the tables in the temple. Would the worm have gone down?

Let’s continue to tell the truth.  Lachlan.

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