To Pastors and Leaders in WA re Christian stewardship at election time.

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To Pastors and Leaders in WA re Christian stewardship at election time.

Just a few weeks to election. Are there reasons why Christians should vote in a particular way?

As a generalization yes, we should vote to have MPs that will want to support legislation that is honouring to God and honour God’s justice e.g. for WA now to preserve life and livelihoods in the context of the present pandemic. The present government has done that well with a few exceptions.

But on some ethical and moral issues it has not been God-honouring. Expert medical arguments re euthanasia including from Palliative Care specialists and the consequences to society were all dismissed with personal autonomy ruling the day and “it’s the right thing to do”. And the government has signalled that it may institute law criminalising counselling and prayer (“conversion therapy” as it is called) for teenagers wishing to transgender such as we have seen in Victoria.

It is a no-brainer that the government will get re-elected.

It should also be a no-brainer that to help counteract some of the anti-God forces in society that we have a strong Christian presence in parliament and Australian Christians party seeks this outcome.

Please remember the simple fact that when electors put AC as [1] and the AC candidate does not get elected, the vote flows on at full value to the next candidate of choice. The vote for your major party of choice is not lost, unless or course the [1] choice wins :-) and even then your preference voting makes a difference.

In terms of Christian responsibility in living in this current age this would seem to be a simple stewardship challenge that we can all pass on to our Christian contacts. Past experience has shown reluctance to accept this challenge and opportunity.

Below are some references that you may consider helpful. (Copy and paste in browser or go to links on attachment).
Can bad law be reversed? Can the walls be rebuilt? Can the foundations be re-established?
How did we fail to see that it was possible for the legislation to pass? What then is the next point of attack and failure? What can we do to prevent it? How can we waken the public to the crisis? How can we waken the public to vote intelligently, understanding preferential voting? And is it possible to rebuild foundational truth?
The pro-autonomy, “I did it my way”, “every man did what was right in his own eyes” mindset, ignoring the consequences of euthanasia in the rest of the world, ignoring 20th century history, has had a big win but lost its soul. It has discounted the advice of Palliative Care Doctors across Australia, ignored the Nov 2019 declarations of the World Medical Association and the Australian Medical association, and failed to heed the warnings of the 1996 50th anniversary of the Nuremberg Doctor’s Trial that Medicine should be above state-based strategies.
John was beheaded for his boldness in confronting Herod.
So for this action triennium we need to prioritise defining issues, which ones we choose to battle at this time, our ability to do that, and how. What then are some of these issues and what can we do? We can all pray.

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