Some good news 8 July 2016

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Some good news 8 July 2016

Worth reading this timely article from Dr Peter Saunders CEO of Christian Medical Fellowship UK.
If link doesn’t work then just paste or go to
And look for article (probably still front page)
When the foundations are being destroyed – Christian reflections on Broken Britain


Good news that Franklin Graham is prominent in seeking prayer for change in USA
“I’ve had people tell me, ‘Franklin, it’s too late for America.’ Oh, really? Let me tell you what God can do through His people. Walls can be rebuilt. Gates can be rehung. The impossible can take place when God is in it and God’s people pray.” copy and paste if needed


More encouraging news:
U.S. Faith Leaders “Appeal to Heaven” for Lives in the Womb — and Reviva


Slightly older news (but only 3 weeks) Southern Baptists voted to officially defend marriage, religious freedom and natural gender at their annual meeting this week, making strong statements against controversial measures over the last year that pose a threat to each.


I see that Labor and Greens have alleged the Liberal failure is the fault of the Christian conservative right. Let us pray that Malcolm Turnbull if he becomes PM will in fact listen more to the conservative voices in his party (and Nationals), especially the Christian ones, and the general population who – if given the chance with a properly worded marriage plebiscite – will probably support the Marriage Act 2003, and that he will honour the result. And for Australian Christian Lobby as they seek a just plebiscite wording.
And let’s pray that the few remaining postal votes (just a few thousand) will continue to support Luke Simpkins in Cowan WA. He is very competent, very sound and a Christian. (And if he doesn’t get back in – is that a weak prayer? – that God will give him something even more significant and important to do.)

Blessings, Lachlan.


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