Until the Return of the King

Read Full Article Filed on 20 October 2004

In The Return of the King Gandalf describes how the Stewards of Gondor are given responsibility for rule until the king has come.  The steward of the time fails that responsibility miserably.  In the face of oncoming danger he gives up and seeks to drag others down with him. In the Beginning God created the heavens […]

Why would a GP, a Psychologist, and an Obstetrician Decide to Run for Senate?

Read Full Article Filed on 21 September 2004

Because its time to take a stand on things that matter! Marriage matters.  Family matters. Having a mother and father matters All human life matters – from conception to natural end. You matter. You did from conception and you will even when you’re old and frail. Truth and respect and responsibility matter. Carers matter – […]

Cloning – What Do We Need to Know?

Read Full Article Filed on 18 September 2004

We decided to talk to Dr Lachlan Dunjey, a medical practitioner who was President of our Baptist Churches in 1989-90 and has been one of our spokespeople in matters of ethics and morals. We’ve all heard about Dolly the sheep – how close are we really to cloning human beings? The recent announcement by a U.S. […]


A Christian Voice – it’s Time!

Read Full Article Filed on 20 August 2004

2004 has seen a sea-change shift in Christian activity in the public square! The Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) has become more and more active and influential under the very capable leadership of Brigadier Jim Wallace plus an active group of supporters across Australia. In response to the threat to Marriage as being the God-ordained basis […]

Man – The Image of God

Read Full Article Filed on 12 April 2004

Man – the Image of God We are bombarded by inconsistencies and contradictions about our behaviour and conscience. Recent examples have been the furore about the exposure of Janet Jackson’s breast and the David Beckham affair with alleged sexual romps. Do we only frown on these people because they are ‘famous’? Do we really disapprove […]

The Brave New World – What Must We Do?

Read Full Article Filed on 20 January 2004

I quote from Charles Colson addressing US Congress in May 2001 describing a scene from Aldous Huxley’s 1931 Brave New World: …a grey building in London and in one of the laboratories deep inside, there is a conveyer belt moving from one side of the room to the other. On that conveyer belt are little glass […]