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America will not reject abortion until America sees abortion.

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a new generation will thank us and wonder why the truth was withheld for so long

For your children’s sake

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that playing with asbestos may cause mesothelioma; and that there might – just might be – a connection between deliberate abortion and the subsequent development of breast cancer.

A Safe Place for our Children 2013

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tell The Story; learn and recite scripture; sing…
Ultimately our safe place is to be found in the strength of our relationship with our Lord and the resilience of character that we develop in this relationship. This is our defence. This is the heritage we must give our children.

Challenging and confronting the evil, application 1:

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These are matters of great public health importance. As a culture we have glossed over these critical issues for too long and we have been hindered in our message by those who demand the freedom to damage their own health

Do we want to make the world a better place?

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AMOS: see, maintain, establish, justice – work it out in the courts, in the city gate, in the public square

Apology by German doctors and genocide today.

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looking at what happened then (and a belated apology) and what is happening now with Down Syndrome genocide

Just a reminder of how serious this battle (SSM) is

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Losing the fights against destructive embryo research, against abortion (no, we have not lost that yet), against euthanasia or eugenic selection would be tragic and we would be in moral free-fall but losing the fight against same-sex marriage will herald a new age of Christian persecution.

Can God forgive my abortion?

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Can God forgive my abortion?

…Like many in this situation she had remembered dates, had thought about when her baby would have gone to school, become a teenager and possibly married and had children – her grandchildren


In the Image of God

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Reflections on the Opening Ceremony 2012 Olympics…. And yes, it means all peoples and races and tribes and tongues. And yes, it means in all states of disability and dependency. And yes, it means from the beginning of life to its natural conclusion. And yes, it means that a new-born baby is worth more than a pig. And yes, a babe in the womb also has that Image.

Why the battle for marriage is so significant

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But all this pales compared with the bitter, abusive attacks from the homosexual lobby and threats of discrimination against anyone with the temerity to defend the age-hallowed tradition of marriage as exclusively between man and woman and children should have mothers and fathers.