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We are at war (3). What is our mandate for action?

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“…and your neighbour as yourself.” If we see a flood coming and we do not warn our blind neighbour then we have failed to love him.

We are at war (2). Right now.

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Last evening I was privileged to be present at the Perth book launch of Dr David van Gend’s book “Stealing from a Child: the Injustice of ‘Marriage Equality”. Its truth needs telling to all.
It is topical in our community. Talk about it. The people of Australia need to know. And it needs to be told from our pulpits. The Creation account needs to be told again.

We are at War

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We are under attack for what we believe, to speak what we believe and to teach what we believe.
This last week we have seen more of this attack with a printer’s refusal to print a new book on homosexual “marriage”.

Some good news 8 July 2016

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“Walls can be rebuilt. Gates can be rehung. The impossible can take place when God is in it and God’s people pray.” Franklin Graham.


2016 is “gay marriage” inevitable? [12]

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Can we push this back?
Not while Bill Shorten is leader of Labor.
So let’s get rid of him. Let’s give him such a shock this election that he will no longer be leader of Labor. Let’s vote him out and pray him out.

2016 a year of decision REVISED [8] finally, just vote as below!

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2016 election choices between good and evil – do we need reminding? [11]

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Is the program “just”? Is it good or evil? And what does that imply for the politicians and educators that promote these things?

2016 a year of decision – dear Pastor/Leader POSTSCRIPT [9].

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And it may be that, in the spirit of the charges to the seven churches in Asia, this voice is heard:
“I have this against you, that you should have recognised this evil for what it is, that you have supported by your absence in the conversation those determined to deceive and lead astray, and that this neglect has led to generations of evil upon your children and grandchildren.”

Good news, bad news, sinister news… [10]

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I suppose the good news is that the Marxist state indoctrination of our children philosophy that is behind the Safe Schools Coalition “anti-bullying” campaign is now more transparent. Intimidation on the one hand and Marxism on the other.


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We urge for a cultural shift in our nation – and in Victoria particularly – to the point that all human life is deemed of value and the child is valued and protected – as per the UN Declaration – before as well as after birth and to recover our sense of horror at what we presently permit. The Members of the Parliament of Victoria have a historic opportunity to recover what has been lost.